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By far the best training course I have ever done,
not just because of the material, but also because of your
honest insights into the sector as a whole…

~ Dr sl, practical project managment participant

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Our Most Popular Programmes

Our programmes are designed to be a practical and pragmatic response to the issues facing those working in Universities and Research Institutes. Each is tailored to meet the specific needs of the participants in the room.

Over 25 of our courses are now available online including the hugely popular and praised Practical Project Management for Research course.

Workshops, courses and programmes

Practical project Management

Spend more time on your research and less time on project management – learn how to deliver success in your projects easily, effectively and consistently.

” Lots of incredibly useful techniques”

Practical Collaboration

Collaboration is critical – but how exactly do you do it? Learn what to do (and what not to do) when collaborating at work.

“Interesting, Informative and Practical”

Writing for Publication

Decoding the publication writing process – learn how to get your papers written quickly, efficiently and painlessly with our simple step-by-step process.

“A very valuable and informative day”

Getting Done, Moving On

How to finish your PhD and get yourself a job. 22 practical things to do to get finished and take the next step in your career.

” Full of useful tips – I now seem to have run out of excuses!”

Creative Problem Solving

Problems Prevent Progress. Learn simple techniques for bringing creativity and innovative solution delivery to work – and make your problem solving (even) more effective.

“Well-paced and a completely different approach to training”

Managing Your Reputation

Decoding the publication writing process – learn how to get your papers written quickly, efficiently and painlessly with our simple step-by-step process.

“Practical and thought provoking – a rare combination”

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Our portfolio of programmes, workshops, courses provides extensive coverage across four quadrants. They have been proven across Universities and Research Institutes over many years of design, development and deployment.

Four quadrants of skill

Managing Knowledge

We have courses on writing your thesis, dissertation and literature review, plus preparing for your viva, and creative problem solving, one of the most popular and fun courses we deliver.

Being Effective

Covering topics on resilience, imposter syndrome, networking, change, staying motivated, assertiveness, managing your reputation, career management, managing stress, time management and many others.

Managing Research

Our core courses include the most popular and highly praised that we offer covering research project management & collaboration management, proposal writing and research budget management.

Being Professional

The most extensive programmes we offer covering leadership, influence, collaboration, handling conflict, difficult conversations, communication, presentations, facilitation, coaching and many others.

Considering running an event?

Our practical & pragmatic approach to events event design & facilitation lets you focus on the outcome
whilst we handle the process, the people and the outputs for you.

Sandpit Facilitation

Sometimes you just need to solve a problem, bring collaborative groups together, and generate new ideas, approaches and intellectual property. Our accelerated sandpit events are proven to make that happen.

“It was a great day – one of the best sandpits we’ve been to. We got two big projects directly from it.”

Strategic Facilitation

Sometimes you just need to bring people together, to regroup or tackle strategic change. Our strategic facilitation is proven to make that happen.

“Your session was amazing; you made it easy for us to be honest, and helped us to find a way out of a seemingly intractable problem. The impact on staff has been startling. ~ VL, HoD, University of Kent.

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