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Your delivery is exceptional and you have such credibility within the organisation.

~ Business Change Manager, UK Research Institute

We Understand You

We understand that universities are unique environments, staffed by unique people.
Our approach and content is designed to give academic staff, researchers and professional service staff the skills, confidence and capability to continue to develop as experts in their field.

You Know Us

We’ve been running workshops in academia globally for many years.

We deliver to over 1000 people each year and achieve consistently excellent feedback.

Our programmes are grounded in the academic context, full of practical content,
and the tools and techniques that can be used immediately.

We know these workshops work. Are they right for you?

About Our Approach

Our approach to educating experts aims to empower people, projects and research.

Based on five key principles, our approach ensures that the unique environment 
of university life is consistently recognised.

Why Work With Us?

You make working together so easy. It always feels like you’re part of our team.

~ Dr E.G. The University of Manchester

Training For Universities
Who’s It For?

Staff looking for a skills boost.
Early Career and Established Academic Staff.
Research Students, Early Career and Established Research Staff.
Professional Services Staff.

practical and pragmatic workshops & courses

What People Are Saying

Outstanding! Detailed insight and practical tips provided me with much greater confidence.
Dr LB, Research Fellow
University of Sheffield
A first class session; you really got us enthused for the challenges ahead.
CC, Stockport NHS Foundation Trust & Prof Doc candidate
University Of Bath
Amazing training!
Dr ET, Senior Lecturer
University of East London
Engaging and Valuable.
BD, Senior Lecturer and PhD studenT
One of the most useful courses I’ve been on.
RT, Technical Help Desk Manager
Your training was excellent. It was really reassuring to have a presenter with obvious extended experience in what they are delivering.
AG, Student Well-being Team Leader
The Institute of Contemporary Music Performance

Extensive portfolio of 85 proven courses and workshops across four quadrants of researcher skill.

Or we can bespoke content to your specific context.

Where We Work

Research Centres
Doctoral Training Centres
International Training Networks

Groups We Work With

Research Students
Early Career Researchers & Academics
Established Researchers & Academics
Professional Services Staff

What People are Saying

Early career researchers & academics

“Excellent and very professional workshop. The content (especially the tips) was so helpful and easy to apply to my own project. A great day! …”
The University of Manchester

Research Students

“Inspiring! You made what seemed impossible easy, and it felt like you were talking to me personally for the whole session. I can see the difference already….”
AC, part-time PhD student

Professional services staff

“A really different, fun and useful day…”
The UniversIty of Bath

Established researchers & academics

“Your clear, experience driven delivery was really useful. Often, a group of academics can be a rather critical, if not cynical bunch, but your delivery was just right for us…”
Prof ELW,
University of Bristol

Access our extensive portfolio of workshops, courses and training tailored for researchers and academic staff

Discover how our portfolio can help your people.

Explore Our Portfolio

Our portfolio of programmes, workshops, courses provides extensive coverage across four quadrants. They have been proven across Universities and Research Institutes over many years of design, development and deployment.

Four quadrants of skill

Delivering Impact

15 courses including Be a better writer, writing your literature review and your thesis, poster design, communicating your research to business and many others.

Writing For Publication

Decoding the publication writing process – learn how to get your papers written quickly, efficiently and painlessly with our simple step-by-step process.

“A very valuable and informative day”

Preparing To Plan, Structure and Write Your Thesis

Begin with the end in mind and take time in your second year to plan, structure and clearly prepare for how to write you thesis.

“It’s gone from overwhelming to manageable – I can’t wait to show my supervisor”

Introduction To Research Impact

The need for research to have impact is well understood – but how exactly to you identify your impact, and how do you get that documented?

“After all this time I can actually define the impact of my research “

Communicating For Influence With Impact

We do great research – but how do you get all that you’ve done clearly identified so that you can communicate impact fully to multiple audience types.

“I can’t wait to share the heart of my research with people outside my field”

Being Effective

Covering topics related to being productive and looking after yourself, these 19 courses include time to think, productivity, innovation, avoiding the procrastination trap and mental health first aid, as well as:

Creative Problem Solving

Problems Prevent Progress. Learn simple techniques for bringing creativity and innovative solution delivery to work and make your problem solving (even) more effective.

“Well-paced and a completely different approach to training”

Thriving Through Change

When our world changes around us it can feel horribly uncomfortable. What can you do to make it easier to thrive when change happens to you?

“So thought provoking”

Becoming More Resilient

How to easily establish, maintain and boost your own resilience.

I feel so much more confident and capable now”

Managing Your Imposter

The imposter syndrome is ubiquitous within academia, but how exactly do you deal with it and make living with your imposter more comfortable?

I thought it was only me who felt this way”

Delivering Research

15 courses covering topics including strategies for managing your part-time PhD, an introduction to collaboration, keeping your PhD on track and being successful at fellowship interviews. Our most popular courses include:

Practical Project Management

Spend more time on your research and less time on project management – learn how to deliver success in your projects easily, effectively and consistently.

Lots of incredibly useful techniques”

Project Management for PIs

Taking your project management skills and applying them to deliver complex, high value and large team projects successfully and on time.

The most useful two days I have ever spent in training”

Leading Collaborative Projects

Projects are easy, it’s the people that make them difficult. Learn how to lead your collaborations so as to attract further funding, enhance reputations and advance careers.

“So refreshing to tackle the real issues I face daily in my projects”

Writing Successful Research Proposals

Decoding the process of writing research proposals, proving to funders that you are a safe investment.

Lovely to have a logical step-by-step process for getting my thoughts onto paper”

Writing Successful Fellowship Applications

Fellowships are a highly prestigious award to progress your research independence – but they are hugely competitive. Learn how to make your application stand out from the crowd.

“I feel so much more confident –I understand what went wrong with my rejected applications, and know exactly how to put it all right.”

Getting Started With Your PhD

You are embarking on a hugely rewarding few years, but how do you set yourself up for success, hit the ground running and have a really successful first year of your PhD?

“I enjoyed getting out of the theory and finding out practically what I need to be doing”

Being Professional

The most extensive of our programmes, with 21 courses including leading change, influencing, managing your academic career, designing and delivering training, facilitation skills and networking for the reluctant, as well as:

First Steps Into Leadership

Increasingly we are expected to be Future Research Leaders – so what is leadership when applied to research, and how exactly do you do it?

“I am a leader! And I even know how to prove it on my CV”


Often we don’t directly manage the people we rely on to deliver. How do we influence volunteers, who may be senior to us or work at a distance?

“I came away with an influencing strategy and I’ve used it effectively already!”

Managing Your Reputation

Reputations are hard won and easily lost. Learn practical techniques to ensure that your reputation is working for you – and discover what to do if it’s not.

Practical and thought provoking – a rare combination”

Finishing Up and Moving On

How to finish your PhD and get yourself a job. 22 practical things to do to get finished and take the next step in your career.

Full of useful tips – I now seem to have run out of excuses!”

Managing People

We have 10 courses designed to help you manage experts, including managing your boss (or supervisor), having effective appraisals, handling difficult behaviours and starting out in supervision.

Managing People For The First Time

How to supervise students or manage a team, potentially for the first time, while we continue to effectively deliver our own research, manage our reputation and progress our career.

“It’s still scary, but now at least it feels doable”

Supporting Your Research Students To Finish On Time

Effective strategies for managing the challenges of supervision, focusing on how to help your students to finish on time.

Really simple tips that I know will make a massive difference”

Having Courageous Conversations

How to easily and more effectively tackle those difficult behaviours and courageous conversations we need to have, whatever the formal working relationship.

“It’s great to have a clear process for approaching these conversations”

Using Coaching To Manage Academics More Easily

The mindset deployed by brilliant thinkers generates unique challenges for their manager, supervisor or mentor. Many of these challenges can be overcome by using coaching style conversations.

“Amazing the difference it makes”


Getting off to a successful start is critical. We have 6 comprehensive induction programmes for PhD students covering 1st, 2nd, final year, part-time and distance PhD students, as well as an induction for those ECRs making the step to post PhD research.

Considering running an event?

Our practical & pragmatic approach to events event design & facilitation lets you focus on the outcome
whilst we handle the process, the people and the outputs for you.

Sandpit Facilitation

Sometimes you just need to solve a problem, bring collaborative groups together, and generate new ideas, approaches and intellectual property. Our accelerated sandpit events are proven to make that happen.

“It was a great day – one of the best sandpits we’ve been to. We got two big projects directly from it.”

Strategic Facilitation

Sometimes you just need to bring people together, to regroup or tackle strategic change. Our strategic facilitation is proven to make that happen.

“Your session was amazing; you made it easy for us to be honest, and helped us to find a way out of a seemingly intractable problem. The impact on staff has been startling. ~ VL, HoD, University of Kent.

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