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~ Business Change Manager, UK Research Institute

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Where We Work

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Groups We Work With

Research Students
Early Career Researchers & Academics
Established Researchers & Academics
Professional Services Staff

As Easier Approach

We understand that universities are unique environments, staffed by unique people.

What People are Saying

Research Students

“Inspiring! You made what seemed impossible easy, and it felt like you were talking to me personally for the whole session. I can see the difference already….”
AC, part-time PhD student

Early career researchers & academics

“Excellent and very professional workshop. The content (especially the tips) was so helpful and easy to apply to my own project. A great day! …”
The University of Manchester

Professional services staff

“A really different, fun and useful day…”
The UniversIty of Bath

Established researchers & academics

“Your clear, experience driven delivery was really useful. Often, a group of academics can be a rather critical, if not cynical bunch, but your delivery was just right for us…”
Prof ELW,
University of Bristol

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