Live Events

We have decades of experience of live event facilitation within the University and Research sectors.
We routinely facilitate part day to multi-day events, for groups of between 5 and 100.

Each programme is tailored to meet the specific needs
and individual goals of the client.

What support are you looking for help with?

From practical to visionary: enabling senior teams to define robust realistic and credible plans quickly and efficiently.

Harnessing the expertise of your teams to generate innovative solutions to everyday challenges.

From one day accelerated sandpits to multi-day intensive events, our approach guarantees a practical outcome.

Practical, engaging and real world events to bring teams together and get stuff done.

Innovative, practical and engaging days designed to bring your department together, engage your teams and deliver your objectives.

Practical, pragmatic and proven approaches to delivering and sustaining your strategic change plans.

Building in-house expertise – our approach delivers outstanding, confident and robust facilitation capability in your best people.

What People are Saying

“Our thanks once again for helping structure our strategy workshop, adapting plans as we went along and making insightful observations. Greatly appreciated by all, and a substantial contributory factor to the success of the event.”
“I hugely appreciated your very pragmatic, honest and warm approach.”
Head of Immigration Services
The University of Bath
“I was particularly impressed by your ability to get onto the same wavelength.”
Change Leader
British Antarctic Survey


If you’d like to learn more about what we do and how our events might be able to
support your people, then please get in touch.