Live Workshops

We understand that universities are unique environments, staffed by unique people.
Our approach and content is designed to give PhD students, ECRs and academic staff the skills, confidence and capability to continue to develop as experts in their field.

“Your delivery is exceptional and you have such credibility.”
PI, UK Research Institute

Who’s It For?

” Your teaching skills are nothing short of fantastic. ” 
– PhD Student, Nottingham

“ A transformative experience that left an indelible mark on me. ” 
– Senior Lecturer & PI, Aberdeen

PhD Students

For those at the start of their research careers.

Early Career Researchers

For those emerging researchers and future research leaders.

Research & Academic Staff

For those who are more established in your academic careers.

Over 10,000 PhD students, ECRs, Established Researchers and Professional Services staff have been through our programmes so far.

Proven Portfolio of Workshops

Half-day, Full-day and Longer programmes.

We’ve been doing this since 2003 and we know what works.

We have over 65 courses in our library, and that’s constantly growing.  

We understand your context, honour your time, provide high impact support and ensure that time invested in training always delivers.

High Engagement

Approach designed to maximise engagement. 


Conversation, debate and exercises support context-specific theory.

Practical & pragmatic

Immediately useable insights, techniques and tips.


 Empowering the individuals, their projects and their research.

High Impact

 No-nonsense approach values the time invested by busy researchers. 


Our style tailors each course to individual objectives on the day.

What People Are Saying

“Inspiring! You made what seemed impossible easy, and it felt like you were talking to me personally for the whole session. I can see the difference already….”
– AC, part-time PhD student

“Excellent and very professional workshop. The content (especially the tips) was so helpful and easy to apply to my own project. A great day! …”
– Dr MS, The University of Manchester

“A really different, fun and useful day…”
– JP, The University of Bath

“Your clear, experience driven delivery was really useful. Often, a group of academics can be a rather critical, if not cynical bunch, but your delivery was just right for us…”
– Prof ELW, University of Bristol

“A host of useful tips and advice for how to manage going forwards”
– LP, part-time PhD student, UCL

“Amazing training!”
– Dr ET, senior lecturer, University of East London

Outstanding! Detailed insight and practical tips provided me with much greater confidence.”
– Dr LB, Research Fellow, University of Sheffield

*Taken verbatim from University collated feedback from course participants

Practical & Pragmatic Skills


Practical and pragmatic core skills for your research, from surviving your PhD, becoming more effective, navigating conferences and networking to defining and communicating impact.


Applied courses to take you from the basics of academic writing through to writing you thesis, your paper and your grant and fellowship proposals.


Three courses to augment University Inductions supporting PhD candidates to navigate the start of your first, middle and final years of study.


Simply and easily applicable ways of managing your imposter staying resilient and boosting your resilience in an academic environment.


The least you need to know and do to manage your PhD or large team projects, build successful collaborations and lead collaborative projects throughout your research.


 Immediately useable processes, tools and techniques for managing & supervising others, working with academics, handling difficult behaviours & tackling courageous conversations.


Simple and easily applicable ways to plan your future, develop a useful network, manage your reputation and develop your leadership skills.


Insightful and practical ways to understand the changes around you, thrive through change and establish your own ability to lead change.

We’ve been delivering our programmes for audiences up to 100 in academia since 2003, bringing decades of experience to each individual participant.


Need Something Else?

“Some of the most insightful and inspiring workshops I have attended in my career.”
– PI, Independent Research Institute


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