What We’ve Done For GDPR

We take our responsibilities under GDPR seriously.

  1. We reviewed our use of data and have streamlined and simplified our processes and use of technology to better adhere to the principles of GDPR. Where appropriate we have conducted data processing impact assessments on the use of your data.
  2. We’ve updated our privacy policy and other relevant policies and terms to be GDPR compliant.
  3. We’ve reviewed the technology we use and vendors who may sub-process data on our behalf to delivery our services. All our sub-processors have commitments to GDPR compliance.
  4. We have implemented appropriate procedures for data breach and subject access requests.

How We Use Your Data

  1. We will use your basic contact information (name, email, organisation, phone number) in the pursuit, response to or delivery of engagements for our services. This may be via phone, email or via an online form.
  2. We will use your people’s basic content information (name, email, organisation) ONLY if you have engaged us to deliver our services to your people.
  3. We may ask for your informed consent to opt-in to our online information or courses.
  4. We will ask for your informed consent to deliver coaching services to you.

For More Information

For any questions or queries you can contact us at [email protected]

Last updated: 21st March 2019